Christophe talks at the French Cell Adhesion Club meeting in Strasbourg

It was a pleasure to present at the 7th Cell Adhesion Club Meeting in Strasbourg. After three fascinating days hearing about cell adhesion and related cell biological processes by top scientists of the field, it was very interesting to see how key tools and concepts can also inform cellular neurobiology. See the #Stradh18 Twitter hashtag for more, thanks to @GoetzJacky for the invite!

photo @XavierTrepat
photo @christlet

Christophe presents at the École des Houches BIOPOL summer school

Christophe gave a conference on “The neuronal cytoskeleton revealed by cellular imaging” at the “Mechanobiology of polarized cell” summer school at the Ecole de Physique des Houches (in front of the Mont-Blanc!). This was organized by the PhD students of the Marie Curie Sklodowska International Training Network “Biochemical and mechanochemical signaling in polarized cells” (BIOPOL). A good occasion to present what super-resolution microscopy can reveal about polarized cells organization, and discuss about the mechanical implications of the axonal cytoskeleton architecture. See more from the #mechanopol18 hashtag on twitter.

The Mont-Blanc viewed from Les Houches
photo @christlet
photo @Leda_LCR

Talks in Paris

Christophe gave two talks in Paris at the end of November, one at the Institut de la Vision in Paris, invited by Romain Brette for a PhD committee. Romain is studying how AIS position is regulated by neuronal morphology to optimize the electrogenic properties of each neuron, and he is interested by a lot of other things about the brain and its secrets as you can read on his blog.

The other talk was at a meeting at the meeting of the “Team Samples” from the RT-MFM CNRS technology group. There were interesting discussions on how to properly prepare samples for STORM and DNA-PAINT with the French super-resolution microscopy community.

Christophe In Amsterdam and Utrecht

Christophe was invited to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, for a colloquium on “Cell Biology of the Axon: Progress Made and Promises Ahead“. Two days discussing broads topics including axon development, axonal organization, neurodegeneration… A short Twitter thread can be found here.  He was then in Utrecht invited by Amélie Fréal in Casper Hoogenraad’s lab (see the yeti-type photographic evidence from Mithila Burute below 😉). Thanks for the invite guys!