Christophe Leterrier, team leader (CR1 CNRS)

Christophe was trained as an engineer in physics and chemistry, and later received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. He came to Marseille as a post-doc in 2006, focusing on the assembly and maintenance of the axon initial segment, and became a tenured CNRS researcher in 2011. Laureate of the 2016 ATIP/AVENIR program team, he’s leading the NeuroCyto team, using advanced microscopy to decipher the structure and functions of the neuronal cytoskeleton.

Marie-Jeanne Papandréou, associate professor (MCU AMU)

Marie-Jeanne is an Associate Professor at Aix-Marseille University since 1991. She is teaching classes in Biochemistry and Immunology at the Marseille Saint-Charles Faculty, and at the ESIL engineering school. She also teaches in the Immunology and Neurosciences Masters. After studying the role of glycans in the HIV envelope functions (1994-2009) and characterizing new proteins at the axon initial segment (2010-2016),  she brings her knowledge of  cell biology and biochemistry to the NeuroCyto team projects.

Ghislaine Caillol, Technician (AMU)

Ghislaine is an Aix-Marseille University research technician. The team can count on her skills in immunocytochemistry and molecular biology.