Welcome to Karoline

Today we welcomed a new team member, Karoline Friedl. She will be in the lab thanks to a collaboration with French startup Abbelight, and will help develop and test new super-resolution modalities for our projects. Welcome Karoline!

Farewell to Nikki

We all said goodbye to Nikki who finished her Master’s internship at the end of July. Nikki is a great student, and she managed to get a PhD position in the lab of Ruud Toonen at the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive  Research in Amsterdam. Good luck for this new adventure!

Dominic will join us as an ICN PhD program laureate

We had the chance of having Dominic Bingham, currently a Master’s student in Alison Twelvetree’s lab in Sheffield, apply for a PhD in the lab through the “Integrative and Clinical Neuroscience” PhD program. Congratulation to Dominic who succeeded to be one of the three laureates this year! We can’t wait to have him the lab where he will study the organization of presynaptic actin. Thanks also to the Aix-Marseille University A*MIDEX which is funding the PhD program.

Welcome Angélique to the team

After having worked in the lab for its M1 and M2 master internships, today we’re happy to welcome Angélique Jimenez in the team as an assistant engineer. Angélique will work on various project, including bridging live-cell imaging with super-resolution microscopy to study axonal actin.